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Eric Gill, one of the Britain’s great artists of the 20th century. Eric Gill, a sexual abuser of his own daughters.

British sculptor, engraver, writer, typographic designer Eric Gill created some of the most iconic works during the arts and crafts movement, among which is the typeface Gill Sans. But one cannot talk about Eric Gill’s work alone: In 1989, Fiona MacCarthy produced her earth-shattering biography of Gill, revealing his frequent rapes of his young teenage daughters Petra and Betty.

How far should an artist’s life affect our judgment of their work? Can we separate the artist from the abuser? Eric Untold is an experimental typeface created using Gill Sans Light and Gill Sans SemiBol, it explores the properties of distortion, disruption, and their effect on a narrative of perception and reality. 

Eric Untold Light

Eric Broken Light
Eric Untold Bold

Eric Broken Bold

Eric Fragment Bold

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