Pao Founder’s Challenge
Identity Design
YK Pao School

Dots and lines communicate the feeling of love, belonging, and the spirit of pushing yourself and those around you to go further.

The Pao Founder’s Challenge is an annual charity and fundraising event organised by the swimming team and its coach at YK Pao School. It’s mission: to bring together an entire community, raise awareness and support the local autistic community in Shanghai.

The event originally started as a friendly match for the competitive swimming team and evolved to become an all-day swim relay involving some 300 swimmers and volunteers. Designing an identity for such an event meant drawing attention to its core mission “Swim for Love” and the relatable symbols: relays, continuity, autism, sportsmanship, support and love. The end result is a sustainable, highly malleable and coherent visual identity that is easy to recognize and identify with.
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