宽住 • 全宅空间定制
Identity Design

Building the visual identity for an exclusive brand that remains inclusive to the living culture of the modern Chinese residence.

宽住 • 全宅空间定制 provides high-end tailored home space design solutions. The name consists of 宽 ‘kuan’ (width, space) and 住 ‘zhu’ (living). The brand recognizes its audience’s needs: the desire to make peace with one’s mind, to be at ease with one’s surroundings, to gain comfort within one’s physical space, and to perceive joy from one’s lifestyle.

Despite such grand mission, 宽住 wanted to establish itself as an affable brand. It respects and appeals to the customs, behaviors and the way of life apparent in the modern home and lifestyle market. Inspired by the form and style of their showroom in Nantong, China, the brand identity communicates a sense of tranquility and moderate luxury through crisp typography, amplified white-space, and subtle physical finishings such as embossing and foils on paper.

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