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From film festivals to brand conferences, we’re surrounded by creative events featuring the very best from each discipline. So we built a festival for up-and-coming creatives from every discipline imaginable.

As a student, I experienced the infinite possibilities that emerge when non-adjacent disciplines cross paths during my studies. In mid-2018, I found myself among 500 other creatives listening to dutch design guru Erik Kessels tell a series of hilarious stories on his work. It was then that I realised how incredible of an experience it could be to bring together students at my university to do the same, to share and to talk about what we are working on.

A few months later, I joined forces with 3 other students and began crafting Tippit Festival, a new creative forum for students. We wanted to build an affordable platform for all creatives to exchange ideas, inspire and be inspired by one another.

We thought it would be meaningful and appropriate to shed light on the non-linear and messy creative processes in this inaugural event, as we went through this very process in realising Tippit. Encouraged by moments that forced us to take a step back, and inspired by ones that pushed us ahead, we named the event theme Forth & Back.

In June 2019, after a year of planning and organising, we realised a self-initiated event featuring more than 25 talks, workshops and collective activities brought together by creatives from a variety of disciplines.

The planning and organisational phase also involved an identity design project. To manifest the idea of process, back and forth and the spontaneous aspect of creative work, a hand-crafted crayon typeface helped characterise the overall visual language. We worked with an illustrator to craft original crayon drawings and portraits to work alongside written texts.

Targeted towards a broad variety of young creative audiences, marketing communication and collateral designs were built around an easy-going, informal and humorous tone of voice. With the input of a multi-disciplinary team, the identity system is designed to capture the values and spirit of a student-run initiative in a confident and engaging manner.

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