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The troubles our planet and the ecosystem faces today have become predominant, down-to-earth matters. Literally. 

What if the simple garden soil can be engineered to do more, for the gardener, the plants and the planet? An innovative and sustainable new product from a startup in Berlin promised to do just that: it absorbs more carbon dioxide, increases yield and grows tastier vegetables and fruits, and stores more water, nutrients and helpful microorganisms.

Driven by in-depth research and exploration, everything from the product’s fantastic new name 'wundererde' (wonder-earth) to the colour palette, typeface, image and visual language was intentionally crafted to create a diverse, wondrous and organic world thriving with energy and vibrance. The project establishes an environmentally conscious and future-oriented brand that captures the attention of the market and its target audience.

Instead of focusing on the physical product, Wundererde’s packaging and online experience differentiate itself by appealing to the gardeners’ imagination. Whether that is at home, on the balcony or roof garden, or in the backyard, users are inspired by the brand to picture the vibrant blossoms, the fruitful harvests, the lushness and biodiversity, and already feel happy about doing their part in building a healthier planet. As the brand world continues to grow and develop, Wundererde will continue to inform, inspire and empower environmentally conscious plant lovers everywhere.

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