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The new exists in relativity to the old, traditions inform modernities, and heritage inspires the future. An identity is built to explore and respect these dualities that define an entity.

The history of the Academie für Alte Musik Bremen (Academy of Early Music Bremen) at the University of Arts Bremen began in 1986. Founded by Prof. Thomas Albert, the academy seeks to discover and create connections between musical practice and research. 

As an institute under the University of Arts Bremen, the academy was recognised only by its logo, a lithograph of the Lautenengel (an angel playing the lute), found on the belt of the Roland statue of Bremen. Having served its purpose for over three decades, the shortcomings of the existing logo and the ambiguous brand it represented became obvious.

To attract more young talented artists to seek tutelage at the academy, and to strengthen its position as a leading musical academy in Germany, we came together to build a new extensive visual identity for the institution. 

The process began with a rework of the Lautenengel logo for the academy, from there we defined a new colour palette and typographic system, an entirely new website concept and finally the applications cross various printed brand collaterals.

The design process aspired to be respectful of the academy’s root and heritage as we redefined what a traditional institution and its merits can look and feel like to a younger, more diverse generation of musicians and artists from around the world.

Old Logo
Refreshed Logo

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