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As a visual creative, I am not afraid to be lost in what I do. As long as I know why I do it.


Born and raised in Shanghai, I moved to Berlin in 2017 to study, and began working as a designer at the same time.

I am inspired by the ever-evolving discourses of anthropology, science and media. I am grounded by the craft and my love of well-engineered details.

From visual identities to digital products, from hospitality startups to consumer brands, my work spans a broad range of disciplines and industries. Their common ground? A clear sense of purpose, and positive intent to do good unto people’s lives and the planet’s future.

Currently based in Bozen-Bolzano, I am completing a master in Eco-Social Design.



Stand in good stead

Planet and people first, business second. I’m motivated by a greater social purpose and positive environmental impact beyond the fiscal aspect. Because they bring meaning to my work and life.


Whole-ass it

No half-assed fixes. No cosmic repairs. No band-aid solutions. I question everything and explore every option. Design can address problems in a holistic, pragmatic, purposeful way when we walk the full, iterative non-linear path.


Work fast and discard

Move quickly, and scribble roughly. I produce and discard ideas en masse. Lean processes, thinking on my feet and fast-paced work pair down the iterative journey of design.


The devil is in the details

Craftsmanship lends longevity and reliability to my work. In an age of minimum-viable products and first-to-market strategies, attention to detail is scarce and underrated. I take pride in engineering polished, elegant, robust deliverables.


Partnership, not supplier-ship

Mutual trust and appreciation of know-how and expertise. I value and expect open, respectful, bullshit-free communication.


Audit & discovery

Fast-paced risk-takers identify problems and come to me with a design solution in mind. I take an active role in questioning if the hypothetical solution addresses the right problems. I deep dive into the status quo and discover underlying challenges before coming up with an effective solution.

Visual identity system

Based on strategic frameworks and defined objectives, I conceptualise and develop holistic visual identities that are fit for purpose. With a particular focus on creating modular design systems, I put together the necessary toolkit and documentation for my clients to grow and evolve independently.

Digital design

I partner with UX experts and developers to prototype, iterate and launch digital products and websites. Whether it is from scratch or as part of a visual identity, I create atomic design systems that allow teams to work collaboratively from a single source of truth.

Design engineering

For when something specific needs to be done well. I work within existing design systems and guidelines to layout, test and engineer production-ready deliverables. From pixel-perfect icons to print-ready packaging, I scrutinise every detail and consider every possible edge case for a robust final product.


Alserkal Avenue
Aspial Corporation
Carbon Capture Club
Charité Berlin
German Deep Tech Institute
Kammerakademie Potsdam
Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci
Project Q
ST Engineering
The Clinic
World Health Organisation