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GetSteps is a Berlin-based startup revolutionising the process of ordering customised shoe insoles. The brand reimagined an entirely remote user journey from placing the order online to creating foot impressions at home to bring customised insoles to the masses. The brand re-design aims to emphasise this unique experience, further differentiate the brand, ensure agile long-term growth and build a fan-base within the health and personal wellness market.

GetSteps insoles are manufactured with high-quality materials by an experienced orthopaedic shoemaker in their Berlin workshop but ultimately land in the customer’s footwear. The image language behind the GetSteps brand is designed to make an otherwise hidden product visible to its audience, emphasising the material’s texture and hand-crafted quality. Various illustrated footwear allows the insoles to be visible in its entirely and placing the product within relevant user scenarios.

To craft insoles to fit individual customers, an accurate foot impression, as well as basic personal information, is needed. As GetSteps has enabled this process to take place within the comfort of the users’ homes, the design process had to critically evaluate and build communication that is intuitive and functional for the user. Through extensive prototyping and testing, every detail from the user questionnaire to the instruction-manual are carefully considered to make using the impression kit as easy as possible, while ensuring reliable data for fabrication.

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