Clay, Copper, Antique Chair


A melon falls off its stem when ripe, a stream is formed when water flows. 

In fall the lotus blossom loses its last petal and produces a seed pod. Despite the crude wilting of the pod and stem that follows, the plant itself lives on, year after year. The very graceful Guanyin, an incorporation of the Buddha, takes her seat upon a large lotus seed pod. The seed pods are seen at tea ceremonies as well as in Buddhist statues.

What if I was a lotus plant? Would I be able to endure the cold freezing winter waters and produce a blossom year upon year? Would I have the patience to craft each seed and each pod, only to see them dry and disappear for another winter?

This piece is my answer. Or at least what I see as an answer.

In a way my life has come to a point of fruition after reaching adulthood, having spent my childhood and adolescence in my home country China. ‘Success’, however we define it, takes place when conditions have been cultivated, whether it is maturing with age, the transformation of the lotus blossom into the seed pod, or the forming of a stream after the rain.

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