Akademie für Alte Musik Bremen: It’s never too late for early music

Since 1986, the early music academy at the Bremen University of Arts has used the famous Lautenengel (Lute playing angel) as its emblem. Seeking to attract a new generation of musicians, a new identity concept was conceived- with respect for the academy’s roots and heritage.

The Akademie für Alte Musik Bremen fosters the discovery of connections between academic research and musical practice. The academy’s emblem, a lithograph of the Lute playing angel found on the famous Roland statue of Bremen, represents an ambiguous identity in a world of recognisable art institutions.

With a desire to strengthen its role as the leading musical academy in Germany, and regain the attention of a new generation of scholars and artists, its founders began looking for the creation of a clear and confident visual brand.

Starting with a reworked Lautenengel logo, and ending with a redesigned website, the resulting concept aimed to reinterpret the tradition and heritage at play, for the next generation of students and beyond.

Based on the Lute playing angel found on the belt of the Roland statue of Bremen, a new emblem is constructed using geometric forms.
Below from left to right: The Roland statue of Bremen, old emblem, new mark and logotype.

Akademie für Alte Musik Bremen
Monospace: Daniel Albert, Jonas Vogt