Common Ground: Digital toolkit for more effective advocacy and communication

Building on the key ideas of the design thinking process, Common Ground is a prototype digital toolkit offering climate initiatives a new, iterative, audience-centered approach to communicating ecological awareness.

We tend to see climate activism as something that exists in opposition to the way of life as we know it. So when it comes to designing for such a cause, we end up working with an entirely different mindset. Today's advocacy campaigns are struggling to persuade more people to take action, not because they are wrong, but because they fail to take the interests and experiences of their audience into consideration.

Common Ground is a digital toolkit for more effective climate change communication. By helping organisations better understand and empathise with their audience, they will be able to inspire real action and change for the better.

This project was completed as part of my degree dissertation, it is the practical extension of a written thesis, and is accompanied by a process documentation.

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University of Europe for Applied Sciences
Prof. Emily Smith, Edo van Dijk
Simone Yumeng Lin