Farmula: Paving the way to regenerative agriculture on a global scale

The Berlin-based biochemistry start-up aims to help agricultural practices overcome challenges such as drought and water scarcity, and accelerate the global transition to regenerative agriculture. From naming to visual identity and website, a new brand is created to help launch the first of many revolutionary products and bring this vision to reality.

The porous structure of biochar provides capacity for the storage and release of water, biostimulants, nutrients, and organic repellents. These properties can enhance the health of arable soils, protect seeds against drought stress, ensure faster plant growth and increase yield.

Biochar also binds to carbon dioxide absorbed by plants during respiration, reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Combined, the process reduces the impact of industrial agriculture on the climate and the planet.

The team of researchers behind Farmula is incorporating biochar into new sustainable farming products through a revolutionary formula. Air and soil, storage and release, roots and stem inspired a central symbol, from which an entire visual identity is spawned.

Carbon Capture Club
strategy & naming
Monospace: Daniel Albert
brand design
Monospace: Jonas Vogt, Lennart Kramp
Monospace: Christoph Buettner, Jonas Vogt
Motion design
Monospace: Lennart Kramp