German Deep Tech Institute: Reframing businesses for the future

Successful businesses are characterised by entrepreneurial action, collaborative work and technology-driven transformation. German Deep Tech Institute unites the research and knowledge of IT engineering specialists to foster such transformations to shape future-ready businesses.

Uniting research from the field of data engineering and IT investment, German Deep Tech Institute is helping investors, industrial companies and SMEs navigate a confusing market of company builders, incubators and venture capital firms.

The team sought a brand that would cut through the noise. And a visual identity that would position themselves as a reliable, innovative and trustworthy partner for businesses looking to reframe their operation for the future.

The following concept focuses on the reframing aspect of the brief. Choices made in typeface, colour and motion systems aimed to highlight both the reliable informative tone of voice and the forward-looking, future-ready mentality of the brand. Ultimately, the team chose to proceed with an alternative option.

German Deep Tech Institute GmbH
Monospace: Jonas Vogt