Overtly Incognito: The identity of the writer

Overtly Incognito is a personal experimental zine project featuring a collection of original and adapted works created by a group of student writers from around the world.

Based on the narrative point of view, voice, tone, and words one uses or avoids using, the zine explores five identities of the writer: the witness tells stories as an invisible observer; the agent assumes the role of a character from within the narrative; the sentimentalist embraces the raw emotions behind real objects and events; the intellect dissects everyday experiences in unexpected ways; and the resolute voices underrated opinions that aim to provoke and inspire.

The resulting zine is printed as a black-and-white broadsheet. The inconvenience, or convenience, of the physical format plays with the idea of covert observation in the real world.


Valeria Aleksic, Dinara Askenova, Daniella Boveland, Nicholaus Fuchs, Vivianne Heinzel Gasca, Sophia Gregg-Arlt, Maria Helga Gudjohnsen Sedlacek, Paulina Hoyo, Lilli Minhoff, Vasilisa Nekrasov, Kristin David-Andersen Øveraas, Jonas Vogt, Isabel Von Der Ahe

Personal project
Jonas vogt
Alexander Andrews, Annie Spratt, Robert Nelson
Emre Aydogan