Scalivo: Tipping the scale in favour of growth

Scalivo is a sales and marketing consultancy for B2B startups. Through customer acquisition workshops and their minimum viable funnel solution, Scalivo brings clarity, modularity and simplicity to company growth, yielding maximum outcome at minimal cost.

Drawing on a variety of visual treatments used in point-of-sales design, the proposed concept captures the simplicity and ease of Scalivo’s offering and creates an uplifting, expressive, and pragmatic brand.

205TF’s Muoto features full curves and solid stems with subdued proportions, reflecting a warm and soft take on functionalism. The italic cut tilts to the right at 12 degrees, ideal for the slanted wordmark and a robust typographic treatment of display text.

A suite of stickers in different shapes and styles paired with bright, saturated colours echo the aesthetics of typical sales signs and callouts, hinting at the name of the game. Logo, stickers, colours, and type comes together to form a brand identity worthy of attention.

Monospace: Jonas Vogt