Wundergarten: Gardening with a ‘wunder’ful twist

With the addition of biochar to its products, Wundergarten is not only promising to work wonders for your houseplants, but the planet’s ecosystem. As the first brand to do so in its market segment, Wundergarten needed a differentiating design language to speak to its fans. One as lush and vibrant as the plants growing from its soils are.

Biochar’s proven agricultural benefits include boosting the soil's fertility, and increased ability to withstand drought or flooding. Its production and burial directly removes carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere through uptake by plants. As such, biochar may hold the key to climate-positive gardening and agriculture.

Wundergarten launched its biochar-based products with the hopes of urging plant lovers to do more for their houseplants, their gardens, and ultimately their planet. Its range of organic soils, fertilisers, and biochar-coated seeds uses regional resources, local production, and are EU and German organic certified.

With so many benefits to communicate, and so much potential impact, the brand needed to lead with a simple and straightforward message. Magic and wonder best captures the effects of biochar and the thriving planet it could shape. An illustration style teeming with life visualises that wondrous feeling of lushness to form the brand’s design and point-of-sale experience.

Initial concepts and sketches of possible brand marks

Wundergarten gmbh
Brand design
Monospace: Daniel Albert, Jonas Vogt, Maria Boselli
Packaging design
Monospace: Jonas Vogt
Mister Fred